Longer New Brunswick Moose hunting season for 2014!

Yesterday May 8, 2014, the New Brunswick government announced that it appears very likely the 2014 New Brunswick Moose hunting season will be extended to five days from the current three. The extra two days will be tacked on in front of the current three days in the last week of September making it a Tuesday to Saturday hunt versus the current Thursday-Saturday hunt. These changes won’t officially come into effect until (some point after) June 5 as there will be a consultation period with stakeholders but it seems at this point this will be the season for 2014!


Update July 9 2014- Yesterday the New Brunswick government announced the changes are indeed official and it is a 5 day hunt-Good luck to all who had their names drawn!


Countdown to fishing season

We had another successful visit to Moncton this past weekend- thanks again to those of you who stopped by to meet us. Now we’re waiting for the snow and ice to melt to get our camps ready for the spring fishing season. The countdown is also on for any of you non-resident hunters thinking of applying for the New Brunswick 2014 Moose hunting draw; April 30th is the deadline so be sure to get those applications in so you can join us here at Long Lake Adventures for a trip of a lifetime!