Family Vacations

Long Lake AdventuIMG_2425editres offers quality New Brunswick vacations and outdoor experiences for family groups that enjoy fresh air and sunshine. We offer packages for families of up to 5 persons with all the gear you need for an enjoyable (and safe) family outing in our unique remote setting. We provide you with:

  • Accommodations- each family has their own private cabin (for what each cabin features see our accommodations page )
  • A boat and motor ( with unlimited fuel )
  • A private, sandy beach-each family group has their own beach! The beaches are located close to the far end of the lake offering privacy and isolation.
  • We have various water toys, including a New Brunswick beaches Long Lake Adventureswater trampoline.
  • We provide PFD’s ( personal floatation devices ) to keep everyone safe on and in the water, we have all sizes and colours.
  • Kayaks and paddles – winds usually diminish by evening making a trip along the edge of the lake refreshing and relaxing.
  • We have on-shore activities like volleyball too, to keep everyone busy.
  •  And yes, you can certainly fish in the lake! – Brook Trout and panfish are still abundant in shallow water in July and August and can be taken without specialized equipment.

Our vacation packages offer you flexibility and control over your family’s surroundings; your beach is yours alone, free of distractions like boom boxes  and other things that make some public beaches not-so-desirable, so if Mom wants to read a book and relax in the sun while Dad teaches the kids all he knofamily vacations in New Brunswick at Long Lake Adventuresws about  fishing we offer the perfect setting for that in our unique, remote location. We also offer the chance to view all kinds of wildlife in, around and above the lake. Eagles, Loons and all kinds of waterfowl and shorebirds call Long Lake home, as well, Moose and Deer appear along the water’s edge occasionally so be sure to pack a camera everywhere you go. We provide vacations in New Brunswick that are “kid-approved” and offer an attractive alternative to crowded water parks and similar venues that tax both nerves and the pocketbook. We provide a true vacation for all family members, in a stress-free environment surrounded by wilderness.

We invite you to view our Gallery page for pictures of our lake and people playing in and around it, as well as some of the wildlife that frequents it. If you’d like to book your stay or require more information you can use the information here to contact us.

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