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Our 3 leased lakes are situated in Victoria county in northern New Brunswick at the headwaters of the Tobique river watershed. Water flows through the three of them ( Long, Mud and Square in that order) forming the River Don which eventually joins the River Dee from the nearby Trousers Lake forming the Campbell River. The Campbell flows on to join the Serpentine River to form the Right Hand Branch of the Tobique River.

Our largest lake is Long Lake which covers some 2200 + acres  and at its deepest point is in excess of 140 feet deep. These deep waters are home to some large Lake Trout (Togue) and Landlocked Salmon however both species can be taken “top-water” in the early weeks of the season following ice-out, which usually happens less than a week before the season opens on May 15. Both fish species move close to the surface at this time as the water  contains more oxygen there and they feed voraciously on bait fish that hover near the surface for the same reason. During this period our clients commonly use a combination of spoons or minnow type lures like Rapalas trolled on a “flat line” with little or no weight. As the surface temperature begins to rise in last half of June fish begin to move deeper, at this time downriggers  or wire and leadcore lines or diving devices like “Dipsy Divers” are necessary if you wish to troll; some of our clients use vertical presentations with various baits and regular spinning gear to fish “right under the boat” and have good luck doing so. Waters warm to the point by mid-July that it is quite comfortable for swimming and water sports especially in the shallower spots near our camps. After Labour Day waters cool off rapidly as fall arrives here early and by the last few days of the fishing season, which closes on September 15 some Trout and Salmon start moving back near the surface again.

Long Lake ( which we refer to as “The Big Lake”)  is predominantly fed by small feeder streams and springs. Around these inlets are good places to cast a fly, small lure or worms to catch Brook Trout, most of which are an ideal size for a shore lunch. Long Lake also has a largely untapped Yellow Perch fishery for anyone who likes panfish. Lake Whitefish also live in the lake and offer an additional angling opportunity.

Located just across the road from our camps is Mud Lake; a five-minute walk down a hill and through a Cedar-cloaked path affords the angler with the chance to cast over some trophy fish without even going out on the water as hip waders will get you to one of the best hotspots in the lake, which is right where the water enters it downstream from Long Lake. A short walk out from shore across a shallow, graveled shoal brings the angler to a place where the water drops off rapidly from ankle-deep to 15 feet or so. It’s best not to approach to close to this area as some lunkers often suspend in this area at around the 6 foot depth waiting for prey to wash down through “the run” from Long Lake. Fishing here lends itself well to your choice of fly or lure ; as a conservation measure bait fishing is not allowed in Mud Lake and this lake is set aside as a “catch and release” fishery only. This has been the policy regarding Mud Lake for almost 20 years now and a measure we initiated to preserve the unique opportunities it provides.

Clay and his son Dane with a fat Lake Trout from Mud Lake

Clay and his son Dane with a fat Lake Trout from Mud Lake

Mud Lake features all the same fish species as Long Lake and has other areas with great fishing accessible by canoe ; specialized gear isn’t required, the only thing “compulsory” is a camera . Several of our guests are drawn each year to the prospect of landing a 10 pound+  fish on ultralight tackle or a streamer fly.

Downstream from Mud Lake is Square Lake,which requires a short drive from camp; Square is primarily a Brook Trout fishery with fish 12 -16 ” being common. The occasionally Landlocked Salmon is also taken by anglers here. This lake is open to catch and keep fishing with either lures or bait.

Our managed fishery for trophy Trout and Salmon is unique in the Maritime provinces and provides our guests with fishing opportunities that could only be matched by expensive and time-consuming travel to destinations like northern Quebec or Labrador. Our fisheries are managed to be entirely self-sustaining without any supplemental stocking; any biologist (or old fisherman) will attest to the fact that a well-managed wild fishery will always offer better angling opportunity in terms not only of numbers of fish but size as well. Our fishery is a spring and summer only fishery  as ice fishing is not permitted in any of our lakes, this reduces overall pressure compared to many other New Brunswick lakes where it is allowed ( including the nearby Trousers Lake ) We’re fortunate to have two of the few lakes in northern New Brunswick with native Lake Trout. The only other lake in our region to have them is Serpentine Lake, which supports a small Lake Trout fishery through perennial stocking.

Our lakes all offer our guests  chance to view a variety of wildlife from noble bald eagles and ospreys to the ” king of the forest “, the mighty bull moose; combine this with our remote setting, great fishing and hospitality and we’re confident that if you visit us once you’ll want to come back and visit again as we offer truly special and memorable outdoor experiences. If you haven’t had a chance to visit our fishing gallery we invite you do so and check out some of our guests and their catches from the last couple of years. We will post regular updates throughout the fishing season on our websites’ home page, which are available as an RSS feed. We also invite you to sign up for our email newsletter which features special offers tailored to your preferences. You can sign up for this at the bottom of the home or contact page. If you’d like more information or would like to reserve your fishing dates today you can contact us here.