We are located in north central New Brunswick, Canada about 1 hours driving time over gravel forest roads northeast from the village of Plaster Rock, which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes drive from the Canada/U.S border crossing at Houlton, Maine. U.S Interstate 95 terminates/starts right at the Canadian border there. Our camps are located in a remote area on private forest land and the principal access point ( Renous Checkpoint )  is near Plaster Rock.

The following table shows driving distances to this access point from various locales:

Canada,  (Kilometres)                                  USA, (Miles)
Fredericton-NB, 218 km,                           Bangor-Me,  200 Miles
Truro-NS (via TCH),  568 km,                   Queens-NY,   673 Miles
Quebec City-Qc,  421km,                             Philadelphia-Pa,  743 Miles
Kingston-On,  954 km,                                 Richmond-Va,  983 Miles

To get specific driving directions to the Renous Checkpoint near Plaster Rock we ask you use the map here.(The map pointer may show as  “unknown road” ,”NB 108″ or “Gordon Parish” depending on your browser) We ask that you not use the mapping tools in the embedded map above to generate driving maps from your front door to ours’ as Google’s mapping database does not contain accurate data with regard to the private forest roads you will be traveling on e.g-depending on your point of origin they may guide you to roads that are decommissioned or blocked by unattended,  locked gates. We also suggest that you not use any vehicle GPS system to find the route from your home to all the way to our location as the same situation may occur, paticularly if you approach us via highway 108 westbound (from the Miramichi region). We suggest you print off the directions in the below paragraph (link) for specific directions from Plaster Rock. The only public entry point to this area is the Renous Checkpoint. If you wish to use your vehicle’s GPS to find directions to Plaster Rock please enter the following as your destination: Plaster Rock Irving Mainstop ( a gas station/ convenience store) at 162 Main st. Plaster Rock NB. This is located at an intersection. At the intersection turn right (assuming you are departing the mainstop parking lot) on to NB highway 108 east which immediately crosses a bridge over the Tobique river . Travel eastbound for 3.8 (three point eight) kms and turn left-you will be at the checkpoint-which is visible from the highway.

Entry to this private forest land involves a simple procedure taking less than 2 minutes and involves no paperwork or fees on your part ( we look after this on your behalf beforehand ) . A PDF document that outlines the procedure and what to do and where to go after you go through the checkpoint is available here ; we suggest you print this off and bring it with you or save it to your mobile device if you are a new client or have not visited us in a few years. Again, we stress that you should do this prior to departure from your home as cellular service is VERY limited once you pass through the gate due to the terrain.