Moose Hunting

When choosing among the many Moose Hunting Outfitters in New Brunswick, Canada we’d like for you to consider what we at Long Lake Adventures have to offer. We are situated on private land in northern New Brunswick in the most remote reaches of wildlife management zone ( WMZ ) 11 in an area surrounded by prime Moose habitat. We also have ready access to the most isolated areas of WMZ 7, the largest zone in the province. A mixture of clearcuts,  second-growth hardwood,  spruce bogs and mature hardwood ridges provide for a very healthy and steadily increasing Moose population in this part of New Brunswick with many large trophy bulls ( 50″ spreads and up ) calling this area home.

Moose hunting outfitters in New Brunswick ,Canada

Trophy Moose hunting outfitters in New Brunswick ,Canada, Long Lake Adventures

We are  3- season outfitters who spend most of the year right here in the woods; this allows us to find and follow potential Moose hunting spots on a daily basis. In July we set out an array of trail cams and we do a lot of walking and driving in order to select “the best of the best” areas to focus on when opening day rolls around.


The New Brunswick Moose hunting season dates for 2020 are Tuesday September 22 through Saturday September 26. This continues the trend of a 5 day hunt which started back in 2015. If you have applied for a 2020 New Brunswick non resident moose tag you can check your application here .

We offer one week all-inclusive packages that cover all the things you’ll need except gratuities and license costs.  (see more on that below) The first two days of the week you can accompany your guide to the area you’ll be hunting in and take part in some of the advanced scouting yourself, our guides are all well experienced Moose hunters so if you’ve never had the opportunity to go on a Moose hunt you’ll also learn many things, like how we interpret “Moose sign” and how it is relevant to the rut, which usually peaks around the dates of this hunt. During this time it’s also very likely you’ll see some Moose. ( be sure to have your camera nearby and ready! ) This will get the adrenaline rushing in anticipation of daybreak on Tuesday. Having these extra days in the woods also enhances the outdoor experience that makes a hunt with us at Long Lake Adventures stand apart from the others…when you step out the door in the morning, you’re already in the wilderness.


To go Moose hunting in New Brunswick as a non resident hunter you must apply to draw a license; here’s the basic info: The dates for 2020 New Brunswick non-resident Moose lottery are as follows; You can apply by  online <draw is now closed> . A fee of $TBA (payable by credit card) applies.

(Note effective for 2018 onward -all persons wishing to apply must also obtain a New Brunswick Outdoors Card number. This is free of charge and issued instantly (you will receive an actual card by postal mail in the near future.). To get an outdoors card number go to this page.)

 The draw results will be available on May 21 . If you are fortunate enough to draw a license you have until June 14 to purchase it . For 2020 the cost of a non resident Moose hunting license will be $TBA. Please note : 1) all aforementioned dollar values are quoted are in Canadian dollars and include taxes and/or fees. 2) The application process and license purchase is done solely between you and Government of New Brunswick. ( it does not involve your outfitter nor would it be included in any rate quoted to you for a hunt, by us or any other outfitters.) To view the New Brunswick 2020 Non resident Moose Hunting fact sheet (in PDF format) you can click the link below, the link will take you to the N.B Government/DNR website and open in a new window. ( -note- If you use the Mozilla Firefox web browser see note below*)

In summary there are 4 steps 1) Apply  2) If your name is drawn, purchase your license 3)  select an outfitter,book a hunt 4) Pick up your license when you arrive in New Brunswick for the hunt in September. At this time you must specify what zone you will be hunting in as all New Brunswick Moose hunting licenses are only valid for one WMZ. Again we’ll mention we are in zone 11 however zone 7 is only about a 5 minute drive away. We scout the most remote parts of both zones.We will let you know before you leave home to come here which of these zones you will be hunting in.

The are many more Moose hunting photos in our Gallery pages which we’re sure you’ll want to check out. If you want more information on what we provide to our guests and what you need to bring, then kindly check out our General info page which covers other things like coming to Canada as well. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

More information on our Moose hunts is available on our Moose Hunting FAQ page.

You can also check out a short video of one of our 2016 Non-resident moose hunts on this page, along with photos of our 2016 season.

Here’s a video from one of our trail cams in September 2014-a fine bull walks in front on the camera as a much larger rival wanders through the bushes in the background-the rival is then chased off by an even larger bull!-(be sure to turn up the sound)

*In Mozilla Firefox the built-in PDF viewer may not render the page correctly making the text hard to read. We recommend in this case you right-click on the link and select “save link as” to download the fact sheet to your computer then use another program like Adobe Reader to open it  or  follow the tutorial here to disable the built-in viewer.