Landlocked Salmon Fishing

New Brunswick Landlocked Salmon fishing Long Lake Adventures

Landlocked Salmon fishing at Long Lake Adventures

Long Lake features unmatched New Brunswick Landlocked salmon fishing. Since their introduction to Long Lake in the 1980’s Landlocked Atlantic Salmon have become prevalent and popular among our clientele. As is with our Lake Trout, our Landlocked Salmon fishery does not rely on supplemental stocking to maintain the population. In fact, to ensure the  “survival of the fittest” catch and release was the rule in all the lakes we manage  here for several years regarding Landlocked Salmon; this enabled the individual fish best suited to survive and reproduce a chance to gain a foothold and develop a stable breeding population thus allowing our fishery to become a “wild” fishery versus a “put-and-take” fishery practiced in other lakes in New Brunswick that rely on stocking to maintain sufficient numbers.

Long Lake contains 2 strains of Landlocked Salmon; the Sebago Salmon, originally from Maine & southern New Brunswick and the Ouananiche  (pronounced waa-na-neesh )  strain native to northern Quebec. Here in our part of New Brunswick we refer to them both simply as “Landlocks”. Sebago Salmon generally appear very similar to sea-run Atlantic Salmon with bright silver sides and a few black spots whereas the Ouananiche strain fish often have dime-sized spots that are often dark brown to red and a yellow colouring making them appear similar to a Brown Trout.

peche pour ouananiche au Nouveau-Brunswick -fishing for ouananiche in New Brunswick

Ouananiche – Landlocked Salmon Fishing in New Brunswick

Like their sea-run brethren, Landlocks often jump frequently in an effort to throw a fly or lure and make exceptional table fare.

In Long Lake we only permit retention of fish in the 18 to 25 inch range ; they must have a tag attached meaning the angler must have a Salmon license. Fish over 25″ must be released per government regulations. It is not uncommon for a 24″ inch Landlock from our lakes to weigh as much as 40 to 60% more than a sea-run Salmon of the same length generally would; for example a 24″ sea-run grilse caught in the Restigouche river ( which has New Brunswick’s largest grilse in terms of size)  would probably weigh around 5 pounds; Our Landlocks at that length often weigh 8 pounds or more. Landlocks here in Long Lake tend to grow wide across the back with deep bellies. It’s also worth noting there are several IGFA line class world records for both “catch and keep” and “catch and release ” in both the fly fishing and all-tackle categories that are certainly attainable here at Long Lake Adventures.

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