New Brunswick’s Best Lake Trout Fishing

Touladi -Lake Trout in New Brunswick / Nouveau-BrunswickLong Lake Adventures offers wild, native Lake Trout fishing; these fish are northern New Brunswick’s largest native freshwater fish. Whether known as Mackinaw or Gray Trout ( Great Lakes States and Ontario and westward ) or Touladi ( Quebec ) or Togue ( rhymes with “rogue”, in Maine and here in New Brunswick ) or simply as “Lakers” these fish are the largest member of the char family and a cousin of the Brook Trout. Togue favour cold, deep water but can be easily taken the first few weeks of fishing season with basic gear ; see more regarding this on our Lakes and Tackle page.Lake trout in New Brunswick

Togue can make deep, powerful runs and thrash with violent head shakes in an effort to free themselves when hooked. Fish over 10 pounds are common in Long Lake with a few each spring and summer in the 20 pound class. Our native Lake Trout population is entirely self-sustaining and thrives in the cold deep waters of Long Lake offering fishing in a class with more northerly destinations without the time and expense involved.

In Long Lake we permit the keeping of Togue 18″ and over. All of our leased lakes feature a healthy population of Brook ( Speckled) Trout. These run mostly in the 10 – 14  inch range  making ideal fare for shore lunches.*

Be sure to visit our Fishing Gallery  to see some of the trophy Lake Trout our clients have landed in the last couple of years; information on packages is available on the General info page of our site.

*Mud Lake is limited to catch and release for all species.

Fishing NB Long Lake

Lake trout from Long Lake New Brunswick