Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock Hunting


New Brunswick Ruffed Grouse hunting at Long Lake Adventures

Ruffed Grouse hunting in New Brunswick starts in October and we’re fortunate here at Long Lake Adventures to be surrounded by prime country for them; vast areas of second growth (poplar, birch and pin cherry) and mature hardwoods (maple and beech) provide plenty of year-round food combined with large fir thickets providing shelter from predators and weather make this area of New Brunswick conducive to producing a very stable Ruffed Grouse population annually. Our camp location right in this remote area makes commute times to the best hunting areas almost nil.

We also have both native and migratory Woodcock in our area. There are many old forest roads near ponds and bogs in this area; these long-forgotten roads eventually become flanked with alder bushes and make for prime Woodcock habitat.

Hunts can be done walking or driving; if you would like to bring your hunting dog(s) you are more than welcome to do so.( We are dog-friendly ). Our Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock hunts can be arranged on either a per-day or per-week basis. We provide our guests with transportation to and from hunting areas and cook lunches over an open fire, however, if the weather isn’t cooperating on a  particular day we can always return to camp for lunch if you would prefer that, or a change of clothes anytime as we are never that far away which is another benefit of our location right here in the woods.Ruffed Grouse Hunting in New Brunswick,Canada

Woodcock season  starts on or around September 15 with the season for Ruffed Grouse hunting in New Brunswick starting October 1. Woodcock hunting is the best from mid September to around the third week in October. We offer Ruffed Grouse hunts from opening day through to the end of November.Ruffed grouse hunts can also be combined with our fall bear black bear hunting packages.