Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters in New Brunswick, Canada

2013 7-11_sg_buck Whitetail Deer Hunting in New Brunswick,Long Lake Adventures.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters in New Brunswick, Long Lake AdventuresLong Lake Adventures offers fully outfitted trophy New Brunswick Whitetail Deer hunting in WMZ 11.This zone is a “bucks only” zone but features many heavy-antlered deer with large bodies. The last 3 to 4 years has seen a substantial increase in deer density in our area .

As is the case with our other trophy guided hunts, being the only outfitters who spend most of the year right here in this isolated wilderness allows us to scout out and monitor the best hunting areas starting as soon as winter snows melt each spring.

New Brunswick’s deer archery season, starting in early October, offers bow hunters a chance to get an early start by three weeks over rifle hunters. Hunting pressure on deer is generally light at this time, particularly in our remote part of New Brunswick. The rut usually starts “full swing” in early-to-mid November.The season closes near the end of November.

Our deer hunts are generally a dawn to dusk hunt with lunch cooked outside near the hunting area but should you prefer to return to camp for lunch we leave that option open to our guests’ choosing as most of our deer hunting stands are located less than a half hours’ drive away thanks to our remote camp location. Having this option is a bonus especially if the November weather brings an exceptionally chilly or damp snowy day.

If you’re interested in a combined hunt, for 2014 there is a one week overlap between the deer rifle and bear rifle seasons during the last week of October. Deer Archery and Bear rifle hunts overlap from October 6th onward. Deer hunts can also be combined with Ruffed Grouse hunting, as these popular game birds are an included species on a New Brunswick deer license. For more information on licenses, dates and what to bring with you for your stay with us can be found on our general information page.